Happy Living Design Household Appliances A brief guide to household appliances & their impact on your daily life

A brief guide to household appliances & their impact on your daily life

Our everyday lives are so busy that we have to rely on basic home appliances for our daily household chores. These machines have become a great part of our living. While we are busy doing our work these machines get the basic chores done for us. These appliances have such an impact on our lives that we have become habitual of the ease of work by using them. A brief guide to everyday used household appliances can help you to make better utility of these products .

Washing Machine –. With technology advancement, you can do your laundry at your place. Washing machine is used to wash all kind of clothes, cotton linen, woollen ,bedsheets etc. Such machines use water as compare to dry cleaning. There are many different types of washing machines in the market like top loader, front loader, fully/semi-automatic, Pick a model according to your convenience.  They also come in various sizes and weight depending on their washing capacity. You can soak wash and dry your clothes with one machine.

Air Conditioner – Air conditioner also known as AC’s are temperature altering machines, they alter the room air and humidity level to more suitable conditions. Air conditioners are of two major types, window and Split AC. Earlier Ac’s were manually operative where one had to set temperatures manually. But with latest technology AC’s are fully automatic and are operated by remote controls, temperature changes automatically adjusting to the room.

Refrigerators- Refrigerators are most common home appliance used. They are cool storage devices. The temperature in refrigerators are maintained few degrees above freezing point of water, whereas the freezer maintains the temperature below the freezing point of water. The icebox which was used almost century ago were replaced by refrigerators and they we can store our food , drinks etc without worrying about the food getting spoiled .

Vacuum cleaner – Your personal house cleaner, is the Vacuum Cleaner. Basic function of a vacuum cleaning device is to pump air and create a vacuum that suck the dust and dirt from floors, ceilings, carpets etc . A dust bag is attached inside the cleaner where all the dust is collected.  They are used as household appliance and even as industrial cleaner. Thus they come in various sizes like hand-held devices, or battery operated, huge stationary industrial appliance etc. Evolving from the huge and bulky model now vacuum cleaner are very compact, dependable and easy to use.

Dishwasher – A dishwasher is a device used for cleaning dishes , glassware and eating utensils. They are used domestically and commercially. Everyone uses  it to wash their dishes without getting all grubby as compared to physical dishwashing which involves scrubbing etc. Water and detergent are mixed and lower temp are set for delicate items. Once the cleaning is done the water is automatically drained and dishes are dried. Some also have incorporated fan for drying dishes and come in standard sizes

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