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Arrangement of the mind and 10 positive feelings

After making the housekeeping and cleaning at home, how about one of the mind? Check out the good reasons.

We hardly hear more of the word mental hygiene. But it exists. In fact, we can not delete anything from our mental file, unlike our computer or the memory of a smartphone. However, we can leave some memories aside, forgiven and re-signified. So, one of the keywords for “cleanliness” is forgiveness .

Forgive our past attitudes, hurts and hurts. To leave the “victimistic mode” or poor thing and put itself in the position of “I take full responsibility for my destiny”. When we do that, everything gets lighter.

It’s the same feeling of cleaning at home. When we finish it gives relief, it seems that everything becomes clearer, lighter, more charming.

So is the mind, too.

To make the arrangement of the mind, we can include positive attitudes in our day to day, as if we embellished the house with flowers and natural plants. Just putting them in various places of the house, like bathrooms, kitchen and living room, we gain charm.

Flowers in the house clean, tidy and organized create harmony with the environment

These positive attitudes can be cultivated and transformed into habits. Science has already proven that this can be done in our minds.

Housekeeping in the mind for the habit of being happy

Here I would like to recommend reading the Harvard Way of Being Happy . He explains scientifically about these positive attitudes.

So, instead of wanting to erase, forgive and re-signify.

One way to do this is to practice Ho’oponopono. Repeat “Divine Creator, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I’m grateful.” This powerful phrase, replaced with every bad or negative thought, cleanses the mind.

Another is the practice of meditation , which I speak of here. It can be mindfulness , easy to practice, by any people.

Another way is to make affirmations, as Louise Hay taught, and to feel convincing about it. I wake every day already saying “I am grateful for the night well asleep, for the new life today, for the wonderful day, for the food, for the air I breathe, for my work, for the water … and so on.”


A Harvard psychologist, Amy Cuddy, has discovered that when we send out commands to the brain, like the powerful, we become. So body language can shape us. As well? She explains that the Wonder Woman pose for 2 minutes is enough to fill us with confidence. So always do this! It’s very simple. Raise both arms, stretched out to the sky, in the pose of the victor. Or, put both hands on the waist for 2 minutes. Ready!


Another way is to develop the habit of gratitude . We’ve talked a lot about the subject here, including the diary of gratitude. So just put this into practice.

Mind: statement and decree

Another tip I want to share here are other mental commands. Create a statement every day. Something like “I declare that today is another day of health, prosperity, abundance, wealth, happiness, love, joy …” and so on. Add everything you want to do and need to do on the day. Set the times, those involved and thank you for everything that works out very well. This is infallible.

You focus on the present and everything flows as you have declared and decreed.

So we’re building a better day, every day. This has become a habit. Of course, always watching the thoughts. Adopt the practice of substitution and cancellation . When an idea or bad thought comes to mind I say 3 times: “Cancel, cancel, cancel. I substitute for this and that . ” This kind of command is powerful. Really works!

Other simple attitudes

Other important attitudes are: contemplating the beautiful , whether visiting a park, an art museum, a gallery, watching a special concert, a movie, etc. Also, sleep well , take care of the body feeding properly, ingesting enough water, supplementing with what is lacking in food, having a hobby to get distracted, living with quality people, who inspire us, who are up; make donations – words, love, time, affection, money, etc. Do you know why? When we donate we issue an order: that there is more than enough.

Open mind to the new, to the appreciation, to the contemplation … all this does well!

Have an open mind for the new , every day. Every day we become aware of some new discovery, something unusual, something different. It stimulates the mind, sharpens the curiosity, increases the knowledge.

Cultivate the habit of being happy every day. The paradigm that people are happy when they buy that bag when they can travel, when that job promotion is achieved, should be reflected. We are happy, so we grow, we open to the new, we become prosperous and everything good happens.

That’s what positive psychology demystified for us. First it is important to BE happy . Things start happening!

10 emotions and feelings

Barbara Fredrickson of the University of North Carolina and an internationally recognized expert on happiness taught us 10 more positive emotions and feelings. They are joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, fun, inspiration, wonder and love .

Nice lesson in positivity, is not it ?!

So, look for those emotions and feelings within you to be used as substitutes, always!

I will list again, for you to copy and practice:

  1. Joy
  2. Gratitude
  3. Serenity
  4. Interest
  5. Hope
  6. Proud
  7. fun
  8. inspiration
  9. Marvelous
  10. Love

I hope this post has helped you to reflect on the “cleaning” and “tidying up” of the mind.

In the next post I will talk about how to draw and create your near future: year of 2018.

Until then!!!

Thank you for reading the post. You may also love to read this blog.

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