Happy Living Design Home Improvement Can you really do away without a garbage disposal?

Can you really do away without a garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal unit is installed under the kitchen sink which converts large pieces of food into small shreds which goes under the drain. This is electrically powered, installed beneath the kitchen sink which automatically converts garbage into fine pulp which can be passed through the drain pipe in the sewer system, thus eliminating the large pile of garbage and solving the problem of automatic disposal of waste food. By centrifugal action it grinds bones and large food pieces but cannot grind bottles and cans or anything which is made of metal. By listening at the earphones the inspector can detect faulty adjustments that the most delicate measuring instruments do not indicate.

Over various food waste collection system it is been analyzed that garbage disposal unit works wonders, it offers various advantages like reduced green house gas emissions which absorb infrared radiation caused by the solar working of the earth system, low overall cost and low cost on maintenance. These processes send the wastewater into wastewater treatment plant which allows the waste to be turned into fertilizer. This is a great way to dispose because it uses minimal water and low electricity. This makes our life easier, getting rid of waste that can sit in your trash can attracting different insects and microbes to grow creating an unhealthy environment which can be the cause of various diseases. This water automatically goes to the waste water pipe which waters the whole garden which creates greenery.

This also helps to create renewable energy as biogas is being produced by the waste food items. Currently wastewater treatment plants converts the banana peels, egg shells, cherry pits into anaerobic respiration which in turns convert into methane gas which converts the discarded food into a source of energy which is helping the sustainable growth of the environment. This helps reduction of organic waste and generation of renewable source of energy. This helps the environment as well as adds to the healthier aspect of life.

By grinding more food the total waste reduces which results in less garbage bag and less trash in the trash can which stops the growth of microbes. Leftover food that is going directly into the sewer would reduce the dependability of going out and emptying the trash can. Food particles dumped in the landfill can produce methane gas which is more harmful than carbon dioxide which traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Sometimes the food waste is incinerated which produces the emission of several harmful gases which is again causing damage to the environment. Most of the food waste is sent to the municipal power treatment plant which is capturing the methane gas which could be used to produce energy. The by product that is left out while treating the food product could be used to produce fertilizers so in a way installing garbage disposal unit in your house is a great way to contribute to the environment as well as stopping the growth of pests and other harmful insects.

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