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Headache: Let’s treat it to the spa

It is a democratic pain, because it really affects everyone. It springs from different causes and, to try to cure it, it is essential to understand its origin.

Major Wedding DJ Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

A wedding reception without music isn’t much fun. In fact, a wedding without some great dance music isn’t really a complete wedding. This is why hiring a DJ is so important. Hiring a DJ will not only ensure that there is plenty of music for your wedding – it will also put the music selection […]

Tips to extend vase life of fresh-cut flowers

Who in this world doesn’t want to preserve flowers? Just look at yourself, don’t you find the ways to keep the freshness of cut flowers? We know you do. Whether you order the flowers online or take the time to put together an arrangement, you want them to last much longer in the vase. People […]

5 Life Insurance Shopping Tips for Single Moms

It’s definitely hard to think of the unimaginable happening, but what would your kids do without a mom? It would be incredibly difficult for them to cope emotionally, but what about financially? This is the last thing you want to worry about, which is why life insurance is so important. Plus, regardless of your medical […]

Generosity and kindness are good for health!

You certainly have heard of oxytocin. It is a hormone, produced in the hypothalamus, transferred to the pituitary gland, which is in charge of distributing it into the bloodstream. This is called the love hormone. Breastfeeding moms have plenty of it. Who has children and enjoys interacting, caring and playing with them, too. Those who have a nice loving […]

25 Habits of Extremely Happy and Successful People

This is the title of an article published in Business Insider , Friday (21), which I find super interesting! So I want to share the summary of the English text with all 25 topics – search results. The secret of happiness varies from person to person. But many of them think and have different habits of those who are […]

Emotions: are they 6 or 4? Let us understand why!

According to psychology, emotions are often defined as complex states of feelings that result in physical and psychological changes, which influence thinking and behavior . Calls from Big Six , that is, the big 6, are joy , sadness , fear , surprise , anger and disgust . We can not confuse them with feelings, which go beyond the 300’s. I will address this theme in another post, I promise! But in 2.014, the […]

Arrangement of the mind and 10 positive feelings

After making the housekeeping and cleaning at home, how about one of the mind? Check out the good reasons. We hardly hear more of the word mental hygiene. But it exists. In fact, we can not delete anything from our mental file, unlike our computer or the memory of a smartphone. However, we can leave some memories aside, forgiven […]

Why Does Drinking Alcohol Allow Us To Make Terrible Decisions?

Alcohol is a substance that can have a very dramatic effect on the body and the mind. The ethanol that is in alcohol and the several chemicals that alcohol is metabolized into later act like very powerful toxins inside of the body. The liver, gastrointestinal system and brain can all be damaged over time by […]

Home Shopping Made Easier than Ever

A hundred years ago, the mail-order catalogue was a staple in nearly every American home. Buyers relied on the catalogue to provide the latest trends in home furnishings and fashions for those living in urban and rural settings.  The popular Sears Christmas Wish Books provided hours of fantasy shopping for those who couldn’t afford anything […]