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Tips For Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

There is just something relaxing about sitting in the sun, watching butterflies flitting through the flowers, or pausing to rest, spreading their wings, soaking up the sunshine. With some planning, you can make your garden more attractive to butterflies. Certain flowers attract certain species of butterflies that sip the nectar of the flower, while other […]

Garden Gnomes

Perhaps you have seen these little men before, lurking in your neighborhood gardens as well as other yards in your home town. One has been featured in several commercials while others simply tickle your funny bone. Like pink flamingos, garden gnomes are very well known yard decorations that have become increasingly popular over the years. […]

Tips For Choosing & Placing Garden Art

Your backyard and garden should be a place where you can relax and de-stress after a busy day. Your garden should also be unique, and reflect your own personality. Your garden should be a place that makes you feel good. To set your garden apart, you need to choose garden art that reflects your tastes. […]

Planting A Shade Garden

Shade gardens are gardens that are planted in areas that receive very little or no direct sunlight during the daytime. Such areas include the shady sides of a house or building, or under trees. As with various types of sunlight, there are also various types of shade areas; these types include filtered, full, partial or […]

Garden Edging

You have finished creating the yard and garden of your dreams. You have planted flowers and shrubs, installed a water feature, watered and fertilized the lawn and even added a few lawn decorations. However, you may still have a problem with grass invading your plant beds as well as an incomplete look to your overall […]

How does Credit Card Consolidation Work

When you are overwhelmed with credit card debt, you are left to wonder how you will manage to pay it down. There are different options that individuals can consider when they are facing with thousands of dollars in terms of credit card debt such as debt management, debt settlement, debt consolidation and even bankruptcy. These […]

5 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Term Life Insurance

Life insurance. Although it’s not something that a lot of us like to really think about needing, the reality is that if you want your loved ones to be financially at peace at the time of your passing, having that kind of coverage is what will help them get it. And being that there are […]

Create Blog Posts Using Online Transcription Services

Blogs are everywhere, but evermore present on business websites. Using a blog for marketing purposes is smart, but not always easy. One of the biggest challenges for business owners who want to blog is that not all business owners are writers. And if this is the case, it presents a frustrating challenge. A Simpler Way […]

Why clean and tidy at the end of the year?

Understand this ritual of Japan, why and what the benefits of cleaning and tidying up at the end of the year, related to the prosperity of the new year. It’s December already. Here in Japan we have a very special activity called oosouji (大掃除). Can be translated as large cleaning, extensive cleaning or large cleaning and housekeeping. I’ll explain how […]

Should I Reroof My Home Myself?

If you’re a homeowner odds are you want your home to be safe from any environmental hazards, and protection starts with the roof. Reroofing your own home can be a hugely expensive, time-consuming and arduous endeavor; but a fulfilling one that will leave you feeling accomplished. A new roof will normally have a lifespan of […]