Happy Living Design Reviews Don’t Fall Victim to Working at Home: Three Reasons Why it’s Important to Stay Active When You Work from Home

Don’t Fall Victim to Working at Home: Three Reasons Why it’s Important to Stay Active When You Work from Home

The Digital Age is undoubtedly upon us, and many people are embracing it to the absolute fullest by working remotely from home, rather than going into a traditional office setting. Working from home can be great because it allows you more freedom in your schedule for your family or personal projects, but can also be detrimental if you’re not careful. Here are three reasons it’s incredibly important to stay physically active when you work at home, and some advice to help motivate you out the door a little more.

No Commuting

Whether you used to drive, ride the train, or take your bike to work; having a home office completely takes away the necessity to leave your house. There are a lot of people who roll from their bed, to their desk, to the sofa, and repeat. This is a slippery slope that is very easy to fall down if you don’t have routine. Even if you don’t have to commute anymore, try to stick to a routine. Wake up early and do some exercise; it can be as simple as light stretching or intense like Crossfit. The point is to be active early, because you’ll be sitting down soon! If you need some extra motivation, get yourself some new athletic gear from your local Footlocker to help get you out there.

It’s an Office NOT a Cafeteria

Many offices have designated rooms to eat in for a reason; people use snacking as a great way to procrastinate. Even if you are working, eating at the simultaneously reduces your productivity. Try to abide by office rules and avoid eating at your desk. Maybe you can allow more breaks to visit the fridge and have a snack in the kitchen, but really focus on working while you are at your desk. Even if it is part of your house and you make the rules, try not to let yourself go to the point where your desk also serves as a lunch tray.

Stay Socially Active As Well

Remaining physically active is important when working from home, but you can’t neglect your social life either. Have regular days where you meet with old school friends, work buddies, etc. Try to make a network of other people who work at home so there are always people available. Maybe you can even create some professional connections to help in other aspects of life.

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