Happy Living Design Reviews Energy Efficient Ways to Improve Your Home

Energy Efficient Ways to Improve Your Home

Before you can start to make changes that lead to an energy efficient lifestyle you’ll need to know how much energy your home is currently using. This means undergoing an energy efficiency audit.

When this is done you’ll have a better idea which parts of your home need attention. Next you’ll need to locate any leaks in your home that are allowing cold air to slip into your home and plug them up.  This typically happens on baseboards and in roofs.  Get a roofing contractor to come out and have a look to patch those holes up. To start you’ll want to search around your doors, windows, basement and attic. You’ll want to think about adding extra insulation to the parts of your home that aren’t accessed very often. Studies show that almost half of the homes in the US are under insulated.

It’s also smart to seal your forced-air heating and or cooling ducts. You can use sealant tape to repair these leaks. Making your home energy efficient goes beyond just patching holes and sealing leaks. It may be worth it to completely replace your old windows, especially if they’re framed with aluminum instead of wood. Replacing windows can make a huge impact in your homes overall energy efficiency. The same thing goes for your doors. If you have a little extra money it is advised to install high-efficiency water heaters. Studies show that water heaters use up to 15-25% of a home’s annual energy usage.

Please be aware that every home is different and that your home may not need some of these improvements. Please consult a professional for more information.

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