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Garden Decor Tips

Are you thinking about adding a little something extra to your garden? Whether it is preparing your winter bulbs or planning your garden projects for the spring and summer season, there are several ways to add special touches to your garden without spending a fortune. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to a beautiful landscape.

  • Children’s toys, such as slides and swings may be fun; however, if you want a relaxing and attractive oasis, they are not always good choices for your garden. Big toys not only take up a lot of room, particularly in a medium to small backyard, they are not very attractive. A very fun, creative and attractive alternative to a big toy is, of course, a tree house. Not only will your kid enjoy it for years to come while creating great memories with a little “place of their own”, it will also enhance your backyard. Another alternative to consider is something a little less permanent that you can put away in the shed at night. Your children can always go to the park for the swings and other permanent big toys.
  • Water features for your garden are becoming more popular and more affordable to people who are renovating their backyard. They can be created to suit any size and style of yard; from a full waterfall and pond to a simple water feature on your patio. Due to the many sizes and styles available, you may want to do some research so you can plan accordingly.
  • With a little careful planning and some heavy physical work, rock gardens can add a unique touch to your garden while being able to vary in themes and color schemes throughout the year if desired. Rock gardens are somewhat easy to change in the overall view by using different rocks, plants and flowers. When planning for your rock garden, be sure that you are able to get to areas for weeding, watering and other care.
  • Feeling adventurous? Do you want to do something a little different while attracting wildlife to your garden? Why not give them a special corner? Wildflowers and nettles attract various wildlife such as bees, birds and butterflies. Building a little fence around the area will give it a special touch while the wildflowers continue to flourish and display their beautiful colors.
  • Container gardens come in may forms; from the small water features that sit on your patio to small flower, herb or vegetable gardens growing in various pots. Just about any type of container can be used for this form of gardening such as half barrels, clay pots, hanging baskets and planter boxes.
  • Do you enjoy relaxing in your backyard on a warm summer day? Investing in comfortable garden furniture will make relaxing in your backyard oasis even more enjoyable. Ideas may include a hammock that can be strung between two large trees or a park-type bench with comfortable cushions placed between a couple of lilac bushes. Other options such as porch swings, chairs and loungers on a small deck may be other possibilities.
  • Do you enjoy spending peaceful summer nights relaxing under the stars alone, with some friends or a loved one? Are you tired of spending your summer evenings on your patio in the dark? Lights and lanterns for your backyard garden come in different types from candles and torches, to solar powered lights and add a special nuance to those calm summer nights.
  • There is something soothing, comfortable and familiar about the sound of wind chimes in the warm summer air that makes your outdoor oasis a relaxing one. Many chimes are available on the market to suit every style and budget. Wind chimes can also be made at home as a wonderful family activity.
  • Do you find yourself without flowers this year but want to add some color to your garden? Why not use a little creativity by adding color to your garden by hanging some pretty silk flowers on a wall, or low roof or even in a tree. Another unique way to add color to your garden is to have your kids draw some pictures of trees, flowers, and animals and pin them around the patio area or blu-tak them to a tree or two. Be sure you take them in when it starts raining so they will not get ruined.

There are many other ways to make your garden and yard beautiful. All you need to do is let your imagination run wild with a little research and planning.

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