Happy Living Design Reviews Gas water heater or electric water heater? Which one is best for you?

Gas water heater or electric water heater? Which one is best for you?

A gas water heater is a heater which heats water using natural gases as a burning fuel whereas electric water heater uses electric resistance coils which helps in the working of heater. There are various pros and cons for gas heaters as well as for electric heaters. Gas water heaters are cheaper to install in comparison to electric water heaters but gas water heaters have a very high maintenance cost in comparison to electric water heaters and since people resist spending high amount of money wearing and tearing on the obsolete machine it is always better to go for electrical ones. Gas heater is less efficient than electric heater because it constantly gets heated through the venting flue which again demands for maintenance money. If your house is not running on gas pipe lines and does not have gas pipes then it is better to opt for electric water heater because installing gas pipeline would cost you big chunk of your money.

Electric water heater provides more safety than gas water heater because gas pipelines may wear and tear with time which can cause big explosions and can also cause loss of life so it is very dangerous to go for gas water heater whereas an electric water heater is safe as it runs on electricity but may cause short circuit but the chances are less than a gas water heater. Electric gas heater has longer lifespan than gas water heaters due to its structure so it is more reliable to use.

Electric water heater is also flexible because power consumption units can be installed which means a timer can be installed that can actually cut down the cost of power consumption, for e.g.: If the timer is set for 3 hours then it will only run for 3 hours which is saving a lot of energy and cutting off high amount of electricity bill. Gas water heater consumes a lot of space during its installation which is sometimes a difficult thing to do whereas an electric water heater can confine into a small place which again make it adjustable, sometimes it can also be installed beneath a sink which makes it easy to operate and control.

Electric water heaters use artificial lights or pilot lights so in case the power goes out you do not need to ignite the flame again which again makes it easy and more preferred than gas water heater. In gas water heater the cost of operation exceeds the cost of purchase. Gas water heater needs to be changed regularly if proper care is not taken so this incurs a lot of cost, to cut the headache and the cost electric heater is best because it uses electricity to run and also has less parts subject to direct heat which ensures long durability of the electric water heater. In order to install a gas water heater your roof top needs to get several holes so that it gets proper installation but in electric ones you do not need to qorry about any holes which makes it more desirable. Lower purchase cost, safety, low installation cost and longer lifespan all these characteristics make electric water heater our number one choice over the traditional gas water heater


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