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Generosity and kindness are good for health!

You certainly have heard of oxytocin. It is a hormone, produced in the hypothalamus, transferred to the pituitary gland, which is in charge of distributing it into the bloodstream. This is called the love hormone. Breastfeeding moms have plenty of it. Who has children and enjoys interacting, caring and playing with them, too. Those who have a nice loving relationship also produce oxytocin. It has been proven that the unconditional love of pets also make humans produce oxytocin.

Well, here comes the question: is the generosity that stimulates oxytocin or does it make us generous?

Like the egg and chicken, it’s an unanswered question. What matters is: oxytocin makes us better beings . And among so many roles she performs in our body, one of them is to make us kinder. Where do I want to go with this talk?

I want to talk about generosity and kindness .

Kindness and its effects

Science has been studying the effects of goodness in health. In fact, there are already many scientific papers proving these benefits.

  1. Kindness makes us happier : It triggers a biochemistry in the body, helping the brain to produce dopamine. Consequently, we have an elevation of mood.
  2. In the spiritual aspect, it connects us with the supreme .
  3. It works well for the heart : acts of kindness help release oxytocin, which causes the production of nitric oxide. It is the chemical that dilates the blood vessels, helps reduce blood pressure and thus protects the heart. Therefore, goodness or acts of generosity are great for the heart, in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.
  4. A survey conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine has confirmed that the 77 people surveyed under the aspect of goodness know how to cope better with daily stress . Helping others increased the well-being of survey participants.
  5. According to Jerome Kagan, considered one of the most renowned psychologists at Harvard University, the human being is born programmed to do good. Goodness guarantees the survival of the species . Mutual help and the practice of solidarity allow us to live in groups, preventing us from being alone.
  6. Kindness and compassion activate brain structures as powerful as the limbic system .
  7. Compassion, so preached by the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra, makes us more intuitive, more receptive and aware .

Kindness connects to other feelings

I mentioned just a few “consequences” that were beneficial. In fact, we do not practice kindness, generosity, or compassion for a gain. We practice because we want to. That simple.

However, I wanted to bring some of the benefits to health, in the intention of reflection . Just to illustrate how much small daily gestures do well – not just for our spirit – but for the body. After all, every day, someone needs a gesture from us, from a simple “alright?” To a spontaneous donation for some campaign. Within the hurried traffic or stressed people we can offer a smile, a kindness or our understanding. It costs us nothing and brings us a lot of well-being! (I.e.

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