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Headache: Let’s treat it to the spa

It is a democratic pain, because it really affects everyone. It springs from different causes and, to try to cure it, it is essential to understand its origin.

A stay at the spa could be the solution to your ills, even for headaches.

The headache of functional origin, with localization on the forehead, temples, nape, top of the head, can derive from psychic causes such as depression and anxiety, or from benign somatic causes, such as cervical arthrosis, previous cranial traumas, and chronic sinusitis. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Cervical arthrosis headache is a reflex pain

The calcification of the cervical vertebrae, but also osteo-muscular problems related to the trapezius, the shoulder and Trigger Point irradiate localized head pain.

A therapeutic approach is found in the thermal establishments of the hotels in Abano and Montegrotto, with the application of mud on the vertebral column and neighboring areas; there is a strong stimulation of the glands with internal secretion, especially of the adrenals, with an increase in cortisol, the hormone with an anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory action.

Sinusitis is another common cause of prolonged headaches

The nasal eyelid mucus layer is the most powerful protective system. Its function is to trap the pathogenic germs that continually enter the nose. Inflammation causes the movement of millions of “cilia” invisible (to the naked eye) of the nasal mucosa to slow down and gives breathing problems, causing less oxygen to reach the brain, lighting the fuse for pain. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

The bromo-iodine salt waters of the Euganean thermal basin find a wide field of action in the treatment of sinusitis, with inhalation treatments, which have an anti-inflammatory function on the nasal mucosa and go to restore the blood circulation and therefore of the immunoglobulins A, to whose class almost all antibodies belong to viral and bacterial antigens.

Headache: it is often the fault of Stress

Stress is now the “cause of all ills”. However, this statement has a good dose of truth in it. Our humoral state, prolonged mental fatigue, states of anxiety and depression, repressed emotionality also negatively affect our body.

A period of detachment from the stressful routine and from situations that distress us certainly do not solve the problem, but at least they give us a moment of pause to find lucidity and energy to invest.

Furthermore, balneotherapy with salso-bromo-iodic thermal water increases the basal metabolism through the thyroid, which finds therapeutic indications in cases of anxiety and depression.

Migraine is a pain that affects half of the head, it can occur as much on the right as on the left. The most frequent forms, therefore called common migraines, have a temporal site. They are often accompanied by eye pains and progressively established after a period of fatigue or irritability.

A meeting with the doctor is essential, to understand the real cause of the headache and fight it. The use and abuse of drugs is certainly not a solution. It can be a temporary relief, but it is not conclusive, therefore it acts on the symptom but not on the cause. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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