Happy Living Design Reviews How to decide the capacity of the sump pump for your house?

How to decide the capacity of the sump pump for your house?

Sump Pump is an electrical pump which has widely come to be used in a number of residential homes. A sump pump is used to pump out accumulated water, collected in fractures and low lying areas, such as a basement. The water is the accumulated surface water which seeps inside and can cause a number of problems to the individuals residing in the home. Sump pumps are used to pump water and other liquids, and are not compatible for semi-solids or solids.

Deciding on the right kind of sump pump for your house can be a rather daunting task at hand. Different products come from different manufacturers, at different specifications and capacity. It becomes difficult to ascertain, what should be the optimal size for one’s personal requirement.

It is very important that you select your sump pump of the right size and capacity, or things may not go how you want them to. Here are some reasons as to why purchasing a sump pump of the right capacity is extremely important:

  • To ensure greatest efficiency, and the optimal use of power, it is important to choose the right capacity of your sump pump. It will ensure that there is no over utilization of power, in case of purchasing a higher capacity of motor. Similarly, a smaller capacity motor can result in inefficiency and unsatisfactory result/outcome.
  • Your capacity needs to be in line with the height that the water needs to get pumped up till. Without this factor kept in mind, a sump pump would not be able to push up water to that height.
  • The water stagnation issue can get even worse with water clogging up inside the pump, causing more and more water to accumulate. Therefore, an error in the judgment of can cause clogging up in the pipes of the sump pump.

An average capacity sump pump, which is normally recommended is that of 1/3 horsepower. A 1/3 horsepower sump pump is usually optimal for an average residential building, however to be sure that you don’t go by the generic testing, you may conduct the following test:

  • On a day with a good and intense down pour run your sump pump till it reaches its shutoff point.
  • The water will start rising as soon as the pump turns off. Measure the height the water increases till in the first minute, with the sump pump being shut off.
  • A typical sump pump measure 18 inches in diameter, and yours should be close to this figure as well. Measure and cross verify. An inch of water in the pit equals to around 1 gallon of water.
  • With the minute reading in our hand, we can now calculate the hour’s volume. Multiply your figure by 60 to get this number.
  • Considering a safety factor, we further multiply this number by 1.5 to conclude the optimal capacity one might need for their requirement.

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