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Ideas to decorate your room

The bedroom is one of the area’s most personal of the house. It is where we rest and where we seek relaxation and privacy and, consequently, the decoration should also be in line with your tastes and what you want to achieve in this room, an area of peace where you can sleep at ease and where we find a haven in which to unwind.

The concept of this room is changing as the years pass, with a completely own site and do not want to share with anyone during adolescence to go to become a special place we like to take care as we grow.

Today we will see some ideas for decorating your room though, as I said, the important thing is that you do yours, that you achieve foments rest and give it a special and unique touch. We help in the process…

Decoration low cost

If you do not have much budget to spend in your room, quiet, there are plenty of ideas for decorating low cost to help you do it without getting too much money on it. With a little imagination and good taste success is assured. One way to give a unique personality to this room is through the bedside tables, pieces that shine by themselves and can give a very interesting touch to the room. To make it more economically, you can use fruit crates as a table, some old chairs or a table always handy for anywhere in the house…


Another way with which you can give an incredible air bedroom is betting on the headboards as focal point of the room, one that attracts all eyes. The possibilities are enormous, since most elegant and glamorous with quilted upholstery to more modern and made ​​for you with wooden pallets, for example, or even with an adhesive vinyl on the bed that will act as the headboard.

The furniture and walls

To give fresh start to your room need not leave much time or money on it. You can do this by modifying the appearance of the cabinets, doors papering them, or make use of washi tape to decorate the walls or the surface of a piece of furniture, a touch that will bring joy and color. In my bedroom I have used to decorate the switches. What do you think about the idea? It is simple and very effective. A tiny detail but it brings a lot of personality.

Photos and pictures

Dress your bedroom with pictures or photographs is another great alternative. You can choose to preside over a very large room or create a collage on a wall with frames of different sizes. Even as a headboard is great, how do you see?


To decorate your room you should think primarily on the break. To do this, be sure bet the clear tones, pastels and neutrals, away from strident and very rich, vivid colors. White will always be a terrific ally in this room, the color that brings peace and tranquility. You can add touches of color in accessories if you want to be an overly white room.


Although it is not good to put too many plants in one bedroom, there are some other species are suitable for this type of rooms. It is recommended to narrow blade, which requires less oxygen. That is right, do not forget to ventilate any day to renew the air in the room (you have no plants or, of course, but if you have still more reason). If the bedroom has little light you can put a Ficus Repens or Galatea, for example, if the room is warm and bright test with a cyclamen, peromia or Dracaena.

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