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Major Wedding DJ Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

A wedding reception without music isn’t much fun. In fact, a wedding without some great dance music isn’t really a complete wedding. This is why hiring a DJ is so important. Hiring a DJ will not only ensure that there is plenty of music for your wedding – it will also put the music selection in a professional’s hands. A working DJ will know all of the newest hits and he or she will know exactly what will get the crowd going. However, there is a wrong way and a right away to hire a wedding DJ. You could very easily pick the wrong DJ and end up regretting your decision. This is why the selection process is so delicate. Here are some major wedding DJ hiring do’s and don’ts.

Do ask a wedding DJ what their style of music is. Not every DJ will have the same musical tastes and interests as you. Ideally, you want to ask the DJ what type of bands and musical artists he or she likes. If the DJ lists music you don’t like, you probably want to keep your search going. If you don’t ask this simple question, it could be disastrous – for you and your guests.

Do ask about the DJ’s experience. Wedding music is different than any other type of music, so you want to ask the DJ how many weddings he or she has done. In most cases, you want to hire a DJ that has a lot of experience with weddings. For instance, Soundwave DJ and Photo has done hundreds of different weddings. The key to becoming a successful wedding DJ is to have the skills to get a whole crowd dancing, but you also want to help control the mood, especially for the couple’s first dance.

Don’t hire a friend or a friend of the family. This is often a big mistake. There is a good chance that the friend of a family or relative has no experience. Even if you are trying to save money, you don’t want to hire a friend. If a person has no experience in the world of weddings, there is a good chance that they won’t know what they are doing. This will ultimately create an acrimonious environment for both you and your friend. So, stick to the circuit and only hire professionals. Ideally, you want to hire someone you don’t know – this will create a barrier that will ensure no one’s feelings get hurt.

Lastly, you don’t want to hire a wedding DJ without getting a contract signed. The contract should go over everything – from the nightly rate to how many hours the DJ must stay in the booth. A contract will be a formal and legally binding agreement. In any working relationship, having a contract is important, but when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ, the contract will ensure that the DJ knows how much he or she is getting paid and it will ensure that the person hiring the DJ will get a quality musical selection for the upcoming wedding.

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