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Planning A Garden Path

An important thing to consider when you plan your backyard garden, is garden paths. You’ll want a space where you can walk through your garden to enjoy it. If you have some type of focal point in your garden, you’ll need a path to direct visitors to that focal point.

Just like the rest of the garden, you should plan your garden paths. There is more to a garden path than simply an unplanted space between the flower beds. A path needs to have a purpose, a reason for being. When you plan out your garden, you should decide where the paths will go, and where they will lead. The size of the garden will, in part, determine the size of the path. You don’t want a six foot wide path through a tiny garden, the path would take up most of the space. In general, three to four feet in width would be a good size for a main path in most gardens, maybe two or three if the garden is small. Smaller paths, leading off of the main path can be smaller, around two feet.

If you have a formal garden, then your paths will probably be laid out in straight lines, and distinct curves. If the garden is informal, then gently curved and meandering paths will look more natural. Just don’t have the path winding about aimlessly. The path doesn’t need to simply go straight to its destination, but it doesn’t need to go all over the garden either. You can make other paths to access other parts of the garden.

Depending on your tastes, your path can be paved or unpaved. You can leave it covered in grass, or remove the grass for a simple dirt path. If drainage is an issue, then you may want to go with a paved path. The simplest way to pave a path is with gravel. Decide where you want the path, and then dig out a few inches of soil. Fill in the path with a couple inches of sand, and a couple of inches of gravel. If you use a rounded gravel, the gravel will stay loose, and shift underfoot as you walk. Jagged gravel will pack down somewhat, providing firmer footing, while still allowing water to drain. You could also make a path from stepping stones. You can find a good selection of stepping stones to fit your needs.

I’m sure you want to be able to enjoy your backyard garden. Paths will help to make the garden more accessible to you and your visitors. A well planned path or series of garden paths will help you to get much more enjoyment out of your garden.

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