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Rose Garden Tips

Rose gardens, with their stunning beauty and lovely fragrances, are wonderful places to meditate, relax and collect your thoughts any time of the day. Are you planning a rose garden of your own? By following a few helpful tips, you too, can have a stunning rose garden to enjoy in your very own yard.

The most important factor in growing roses is the location where you want to plant them. Roses are flowers that thrive in areas that receive 6 hours or more of sunlight a day. Water is also an important factor when planting or transplanting a rose bush for the first time. As the rose bush establishes itself, it is important that you water your roses at least once a week. Another thing to consider in the planting is the soil. It is very important that the soil you plant your roses in drains well because rose bushes will not thrive in soil that is moist all the time and is prone to fill with puddles. Testing your soil for pH levels is a good thing to consider when planning and caring for your rose garden. Obtaining soil testers are very easy because they are widely available and inexpensive. Ideally, the pH level of the soil in which to grow roses would be at 5.5 to 6.6.

To enhance the overall effect of your rose garden, be sure that you plant roses of the same color next to each other while you are considering the placement of them. However, it is important that you do not use too many flowers in one area. By using too many flowers, you will have more of a jumbled look to your garden.

A well maintained rose garden will bloom from June until the first frost. Some of the other ways to have your garden well maintained is to prune your rose bushes in the springtime every year. Pruning away the blackened portions of the plant will promote additional new growth throughout. As with any other plant, be sure that you also pull weeds when they start. It is also important that you pick off any dead head flowers as the roses grow and change throughout the season so it will bring new life to the bush. Pruning the black spots on the leaves will keep the plant from suffering any possible diseases that might spread throughout it. At the first sign of Japanese beetles, be sure to treat your plants in order to keep the leaves luscious and green.

With your own well maintained rose garden, you will have a sweet smelling and stunning place that will take away the stress of the day or to spend a lovely summer day relaxing.

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