Happy Living Design Travel Travel makes people happy in life! Besides being great for the mind!

Travel makes people happy in life! Besides being great for the mind!

Traveling, whether to a place far or near, makes people happy in life, as well as being great for the mind. Learn how this works!

I do not know if you know, I live in Nago city, Aichi Prefecture. It is a beautiful capital, quiet, clean, organized and with all the facilities of a large urban center. Even more to me, I privileged the facilities and I live in the center of the capital. Despite living in a tiny appendix, I’m surrounded by everything I need, almost 24 hours.

Well, even living in a charming place, traveling is necessary. It had been a long time since I had traveled without having to look at the clock or disable the notifications on my iPhone. This time, before I even got on the plane, I disabled the e-mail notifications, the social networks that are popping up all the time, the news and all the apps I use for everyday work. Guys, what a liberation! To fly, I put my smartphone in airplane mode and oh what a quiet!

On the way to Naha, capital of the province that is an archipelago – Okinawa – the weather was cloudy and windy. Result: all of us passengers felt the slight turbulence, but nothing serious happened. Only, we could not remove the seat belt, nor make use of the toilet. The flight attendants could not even pass by offering the snacks. I say offering because I flew on an LCC-Low Coast Carrier, Jet Star, whose ticket was very cheap! That was one of the good parts of the trip! But everything is sold separately from a coffee shop. We were not able to experience anything on our way, but on the way back I tried and enjoyed the service.

Traveling and the mistakes I made

Guys, I made several mistakes on this trip. And I’ll even list them here because they can be an experience for you.

  • I used a leather bag, which by itself is already heavy 👉 I learned: next time I will carry a nylon bag, lighter. After all, I do not even need a big bag inside that flight. Good thing I took a small, lightweight bag inside the bag to use it in Naha
  • I was cold inside the plane. That was just a distraction on my part. Only after an hour of flight did I realize that the air was open and directed 😕 I had not noticed …
  • Inside the plane I remembered that I had not gotten any money. I also remembered that in Okinawa the big banks are not present. But it’s alright. I got out when I arrived
  • I looked for a hotel that was clean, hygienic, cheap, and served breakfast. As we are in season yet off season, it was easy. I made the reservation in advance and left everything paid. However, the first night, I decided to leave and I scared 😳 Epa! What is this environment? I thought about myself. I swear it scared me . By day, the streets were quiet (not very clean in that area). But at night, the transformation was brutal. Hundreds and hundreds of men “chasing customers” on the streets, very bad looking. I had never seen so many evil-looking men together, even living near a neighborhood where there are many doing “kyakuhiki” or “yobikomi”. Since I wanted to see a crystal store, I ended up staying there. Back at the hotel I talked to the guy at the front desk and he told me he could walk quietly, without danger. But I doubted his word, because I walked a block from the street and it was not what I felt. Aff! 😈 That was the worst part of the trip. 👉 I learned: next time I will check the environment around the hotel before making the reservation

Traveling: The Wonderful Benefits

Naha is a small capital, with no urban planning, full of shops to sell tourist goods, with many hotels and restaurants. I love this Naha mess! It even has a beach – Uminoue Beach. The water is clean as the sand is well cared for but in the landscape there is something strange. They built a highway cutting the sea, so it took all the charm off the beach. All right, to put your feet in the sand, it’s good.

According to an article posted on the web page of The Chopra Center, there are 6 great reasons to travel.I will put the points here, in a very short form.

  1. Promotes heart health
  2. Keeps the mind sharp
  3. Improves creativity
  4. Relieves stress and stimulates mental health
  5. Changes the perspectives
  6. Increase the connection with others and with oneself

All this is fact! We become stronger in the new environment, both physically and emotionally. No doubt, as science explains, it strengthens our immune system. Another thing is that the clock seems to favor the stay. Just getting out of the world, without being aware of the numerous notifications of the smartphone, made me gain time. See how much this is a thief of our time, day by day. On my way back, I even thought about disabling some not-so-important notifications.

We get a lot more attention to everything around because everything is new. Despite being in the same country, Okinawa has a different culture. After all, it is the fruit of Ryukyu civilization, still very present.Even Kokusai Doori, where I’ve been to other times, has received new stores, including a Don Quixote.And the port of Naha receives weekly large cruise ships bringing 3 to 5 thousand people each time. I have seen tourists from various countries around the world. It was amazing to see and feel so much change!

Another delightful thing is to talk and interact with the locals. Every meeting, every exchange of words is something stimulating. This is good for the heart (generosity), for the mind and brain (stimuli and new learning). We stay connected, but not tired. This is amazing!

I had a sizeless layout in Okinawa, where I walked a lot, took a bus or monorail to get around, did not have to rent a car and almost did not use a taxi. This time it was a different experience!

Travel and gourmet tour

What made it wonderful was to eat well! The pineapple was sweet and I enjoyed to eat a lot! If you accompany me here on the blog you know I do not like anything else that has wheat flour. So, sweets, cakes, pasta and breads made with this ingredient, did not enter the list of delights I tasted. Oh, to tell the truth, I just ate a bowl of Okinawa soba, more because of the broth and the pork 😛

The other fruits that were on sale in the galleries markets were: cane, carambola, fruit of the count, dragon fruit, mango, mangosteen, rambutan and langsat. For a moment, I felt in Thailand 😆 What I wanted I did not find: green coconut to drink the water and eat the pulp and papaya mature papaya (only found green).

I appreciated the varieties of chanpuru , homemade delicacy typical of the uchinanchu . Also could not stop eating the tacorice , dish created there. It is the tacos (Mexican) about the rice. All right, we can eat here in Nagoya. But eating there is something quite different! I went to a restaurant specializing in soba that served the tacorice as well. Guys, what’s that sauce ?! Simply divine !!! According to the clerk, the sauce is a secret of the house. It’s red, with pepper but with something more, a mixture of fiery with sweet and salty, that enchanted me! This time I did not eat goat meat (hiija) or pork knee. If you go there, super recommend!

I also did not take the natural juices or the Blue Seal ice creams, famous in the islands. That’s because in my food I give preference to eat the fruits. As for the ice cream, because it is very sweet, it does not attract me. And if it’s sorbet, it has fruit juice and sugar, a cruel combination. So I preferred to abstain.

Difference between Yuta and Noro

I asked a friend: do you know any Yuta that could attend to me? He replied: whoever does our destiny is us . I thought, he’s absolutely right. After all, as a coach I preach just that. Now, I confess, I love asking you to read my luck 😆

I was walking through the gallery when an image caught my eye. It was a plaque stating that the palmist read according to the teachings of Okinawa’s ancestral culture. Wow !!! That woke me up! I thought I ‘ll let it go, after all, I do not need it. Whoever traces my destiny is myself . So I crossed the avenue to have a coffee at Doctor Coffee, after having walked a lot. It was my second coffee of the day that was about to end. There I am distracted listening to the conversations of the people who live in Naha. It was very interesting.

I saw the clock ticking 7 minutes after 7p.m. I thought he must have closed his tent . In any case, I decided to go to the gallery which is about 3 minutes from the cafe. At that time I told myself if he is there it is because fate wants me to consult me . I rang the bell as it was written. Not that someone answered “in between.” Wow! A nice, bearded man answered me and told me to sit down. He drank alcohol in both my hands, in his and said to do the asepsis. He asked to rest his elbows on the counter and leave his palms facing him. It had a strong bulb to illuminate the lines. I had never seen this form of palmistry. In general, here in Japan, the palmists have a flashlight to illuminate the palm of the hand, facing the table.

So start reading, already telling me how strong you are , he exclaimed. Then he talked about some aspects of my health and hit them all. I got scared! And so, the reading went on and twice I was shivered.During the reading I could not take my eyes off a piece he wore at chest height. Beautiful! And he had an explanation about the piece in a paper glued to the counter. My mind wanted to focus on what he was telling me, but for a few moments, he would look alternately at the paper and the piece of the necklace.

After the consultation ended I asked about the play and he gave me an explanation of something complicated (for my ignorance on the subject). He told me it was Noro and not Yuta. Aiaiai, my curiosity only increased in size. So I got a little lesson about that difference. Both the Noro and the Yuta are highly spiritual persons, with the difference that the first comes from a lineage of Noro, since the time of the female Ryukyu reign. At the time, they organized the religious ceremonies and were consulted by everyone from the reign: from politics to the daily life of the people. The Yuta are the counselors, half doctors half gurus. Neither of them talks about it, but families who live on the islands know who to look for when needed.

It was an interesting meeting! I like the Noro man. I was so excited about what I heard that I came out of there dazzled and forgot to ask his name. Ah! I forgot to tell you that I ended up acquiring a piece just like his and then I put it in my chain <3 I was #felizdavida and I feel protected with it. It may just be a superstition. What matters is that I loved the play!

Another place I fell in love with and went for 2 consecutive nights is a store that sells crystals. Guys, what energy there is inside! It seems she was pulling me to go there. I did not intend to buy anything because I have a lot of little pieces at home. However, reading a plaque with the explanation of the terahertz stone.Terahertz (THz) is a unit of measure of electromagnetic frequency equivalent to a trillion of Hertz , being a Hertz equal to one cycle per second . I bought a small package. The recommendation is to “clean it thoroughly with water and salt. Then put in a glass bottle to power the drinking water, “explained the girl from the store. According to some Japanese sites, it is an artificial ore that emits a Terahertz wave. It is mainly composed of silicon, titanium, etc. It has been pointed to several health benefits, presented by the media, but is still not recognized scientifically, in the research phase. The Terahertz wave is found between light and radio frequency and in nature. Within nature the Terahertz waves are found in all life forms, so they are called the light of life .

According to the pamphlet I gained in the store, the person’s contact with this mineral improves various symptoms such as coldness, insomnia, pain and stiffening of the shoulders, etc. Ah! I had no doubts: I bought to try 😎 If you like, I’ll make another post about this mineral, OK ?!

Anyway, traveling is wonderful! Even though it was not my vacation, it was highly enjoyable! I came back with renewed and willing soul.

Thank you for reading the post. You may also love to read this blog.

And you, do you usually travel a lot? Leave your comment here, counting on the trips. Until the next post!

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