Happy Living Design Decor Tricks for getting the living room

Tricks for getting the living room

It’s where we receive visitors enjoyed pleasant moments in family, disconnect from our concerns with good film session … The living room is, in short, the space of the house where most domestic life do.

Therefore, we must make good use this room with appropriate furniture and accessories. In this article, we want to help you get such a warm and stylish lounge and so share with you some good tricks to decorate and take advantage of the lounge. From materials to fabrics and furniture arrangement, take note!

Shiny surfaces to gain breadth

In this article you will find decorative solutions practices to seize the lounge easily. For example, if we want to gain distance in this space of the house, it is best to opt for shiny surfaces like glass and mirrors.

These surfaces reflect light making the room look more bright and large. If you choose mirrors, remember to place them somewhere in the room where the light is reflected.

Take the sunlight

Proper organization of furniture and accessories is the key to harness sunlight. So before you put everything in place, note the places where the light hits the sun, both to illuminate the room as a matter of aesthetics.

Another good trick to enhance the sunlight is to choose light colors and elegant, versatile and timeless white. In furniture, furnishings and upholstery, white is a highly recommended when a well used colored decor look.

White is bright and reflects light, so it’s a great option for the living room. In this sense, a good trick to give a touch of style to a living room with sofas and armchairs upholstered in white is to use shades of beige, which printed warmth to the atmosphere.

If this is what is to harness sunlight, our advice is to opt for clear, light curtains and light that allow the passage of light. Of course, avoid obstacles near the windows to gain breadth in the environment.

In the living room, less is more

A well used room also characterized as minimalist. So avoids ostentatious and ornate decoration with too much furniture and accessories. Opting for simple designs and choose the parts you really need in the classroom.

Natural and cozy

Interior experts also recommend us to connect the living room with natural shades outside. In other words, do not forget to decorate with plants and flowers that bring a touch of color and freshness to the environment; perhaps in the window, in the coffee table or end table.

Naturally, a living room should be well spent cozy too. So dress warmly your stay with plaids, cushions, carpets and curtains. Do the best colors? The earth tones bring harmony, tranquility and warmth to this room. They are also versatile, stylish and not easily go out of fashion colors. And if that were not enough, they combine well with white.

Suitable furniture

Classic furniture lifetime are also an interesting option, so committed cabinets, dressers and bookcases with large capacity, besides decorating, they are a great storage solution.

Hollow, untapped corners and spaces! Think about what furniture or accessory can be interesting place here. Maybe a coffee table on wheels, a nesting tables, a pouf with storage space, a stool, magazine rack or table-waitress with drinks to offer to visitors. Everything depends on the kind of space that we use at home and we want to do in this corner.

Finally and as long as you possible, we recommend installing large windows to maximize the sunlight is the key to decorating small spaces.

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